Moving Through Life

Digging a little deeper, working a little harder, finding greater empathy and compassion, opening ourselves up to others without judgement, can bring a ray of light, right in the middle of our consciousness. This is what a life-supporting diet can do for you. This is what meditation can help with. One of my goals in living ageless is to open my heart space, even just a little bit. This brings me to the subject of meditation. I meditate almost everyday. I’m not always good at it, in fact, I’m often impatient, restless, and ready to do something else – anything else – but it does open me up. Meditation calms me. As Oprah Winfrey says: “It doesn’t matter how long you sit and meditate—I meditate every morning. What is it for if it doesn’t allow you to move through the world in a more calmed and centered space?” And this is, for me, is the true test of the Ageless Diet Lifestyle: How does it allow me to be in the world? Am I operating from a more calmed and centered space?

Meditation and the pursuit of a more spiritual life only works if we apply a little rigor to it. A discipline. Because without consistency and some order, we will never find the peace we want. We will never feel as good as we could. What is true for diet is also true for life. To see and feel results we need to be religious about it. Consistency counts. How can any of us go deeper without practicing something, like meditation, everyday? We can’t. I know I lead a better life and I’m a better person when I’m disciplined. When I support my inner life with a healthy outer life. 

This is why daily meditation is so important. It helps me operate from a more centered place, it opens my heart space, and it keeps me feeling hopeful. 

Try the meditation series on this site. It’s 13 minutes total, 12 minutes of actual meditating time, and get into the habit of daily meditation. Studies have shown just 12 minutes a day is enough to calm the mind and make you younger biologically. 

Photo credit: Rama Van Pelt

Photo credit: Rama Van Pelt