Beauty Box

“This beauty box is great. It’s got the Omegas I need for healthy joints, and a supplement for healthy, ageless skin, hair, and nails. My hair is thicker and grows faster than ever. My nails, too. And, I think my skin glows. This is good value for money.” Mary Beth

30 servings / 30 days

The Beauty Box contains two complementary formulas to support beauty from within. Ultra HNS (Hair, Nails, Skin Formula) – 3 capsules daily -supplies high-dose biotin, methylfolate, vitamin C and zinc, along with Cynatine® HNS, a patented, solubilized keratin for the health of hair, nails, and skin. QÜELL Fish Oil® EFA Plus – 2 softgels daily – contains supercritical, CO2-extracted EPA and DHA for ultimate purity and concentration. It also contains organic borage seed oil to provide GLA and astaxanthin, an important carotenoid, to further support skin health. A patient brochure is included in the package.

Over time, many factors contribute to changes in our hair, nails and skin. Dietary, environmental and genetic factors, as well as lifestyle, all contribute to our physical appearance and well-being. These factors can affect the pigmentation, elasticity, hydration, thickness, and luster of hair, nails and skin. Outward appearance is a reaction of our internal cellular and metabolic health. Dietary supplementation with specific, scientifically studied nutrients, like those found in the Beauty Box, can help support our appearance as we age.

SUGGESTED USE: Adults take 2 softgels and 3 capsules daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.

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