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  • Ageless Basics

    Ageless Basics combine 4 tablets, 2 softgels, and 2 capsules to help support optimal health, all provided in one convenient pack. 1) 4 potent multivitamin/mineral tablets and a proprietary organic fruit and vegetable blend for antioxidant support2) 2 Omega 3s (EPA/DHA plus Vitamin D softgels 3) A multi-strain probiotic blend, 4 billion CFU 4) A CoQ10 containing natural coenzyme Q10 designed for enhanced absorption. 

    “The Ageless Basics gives me the support I needed to feel better. And, I get compliments all the time. My skin glows thanks to the multi-vitamins and high-powered Omega-3s.” Claire 

    “Since I started taking the Ageless Basics I haven’t gotten sick once…” Kerri  

  • Beauty Box

    The Beauty Box contains two complementary formulas to support beauty from within. Ultra HNS (Hair, Nails, Skin Formula) – 3 capsules daily -supplies high-dose biotin, methylfolate, vitamin C and zinc, along with Cynatine® HNS, a patented, solubilized keratin for the health of hair, nails, and skin. QÜELL Fish Oil® EFA Plus – 2 softgels daily – contains supercritical, CO2-extracted EPA and DHA for ultimate purity and concentration. It also contains organic borage seed oil to provide GLA and astaxanthin, an important carotenoid, to further support skin health.

    “This beauty box is great. It’s got the Omegas I need for healthy joints, and a supplement for healthy, ageless skin, hair, and nails. My hair is thicker and grows faster than ever. My nails, too. And, I think my skin glows. This is good value for money.” Mary Beth

  • Metabolism-Balancing : Berberine Formula

    Metabolism Balancing Berberine Formula supplies high potency berberine combined with alpha lipoic acid and grape seed extract for healthy blood sugar and cardiovascular support. This is a useful dietary supplement for those individuals who wish to support blood glucose metabolism and/or cholesterol maintenance. This supplement can be useful in keeping energy levels even throughout the day and with maintaining a healthy weight.

    “I’m loving this product. I’ve noticed an increase in my energy level; it’s a clean energy. I’ve also found it boosts my mood, helps me feel good all day. Consequently I sleep better.” Tania

  • The Ageless Diet

    There is so much misinformation out there about what to eat and how to live life for optimum health; it can be daunting, sifting through all this data. In this book, Tania Van Pelt shares her story – how she got well, lost inflammation and weight, and became happier, healthier… biologically younger. It wasn’t hard, but it did require going back to basics.