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  • Relaxation Support

    For Relaxation Support this dietary supplement has 100 mg of pure L-Theanine in each vegetarian capsule. L-Theanine is special; it’s an amino acid that helps relieve mental tension. Used in conjunction with melatonin, it can be useful in relaxing the mind and helping with sleep.

    “L-Theanine in Relaxation Support works wonders! It puts my mind to rest, helps stop me worrying all the time, and gives me a good night’s sleep…” Jenn

  • Sleep Support

    Sleep Support supplement is an effective blend of critical amino acids and nutrients that provide support for a calmer brain. Taken in conjunction with L-Theanine and Melatonin, our Sleep Support helps with calming the brain, allowing for more easeful sleep.

    “Sleep Support is a key component in my get-a-good-night's-sleep arsenal. Why? Because it works…” Tania