Lee-Ann C Testimonial

“My skin looks and feels great, softer and the pores seem smaller, I’m no longer using expensive serums, or anything else besides a ph balanced wash, a day cream and night cream, and of course eye cream too. I sleep deeper and better. The most rapid results were seen and felt in the first 7 days as our bodies were getting rid of the sugar and preservatives we were unknowingly feeding it. Friends were saying I looked ‘luminous, glowing, amazing.’ Now, over 3 months later, learning what to stay away from and finding healthy substitutes, has become a lifestyle for my family and me, we no longer count the days that we’re ‘finished with the diet’ so that we can eat cheesecake again, like with conventional diets. We’re excited about discovering new products and new taste sensations.” – Lee-Ann C., Movie Producer, Cape Town, South Africa