Bets V. Testimonial

How the Ageless Diet helped me heal my heart and my joints.

I’ve never written a testimonial. But I feel so good thanks to Ageless Diet and these ageless supplements, I felt the need to share my story. Blessed with excellent health and conscious of the benefits of a healthy diet and moderate exercise, I was surprised to hear from my doctor that my blood pressure was way too high and she was prescribing Lipitor. A drug which is known for nasty side effects. My brothers are all on Lipitor, and they tell me the side effects are bad but just something you have to live with. I didn’t want to live that way. After speaking with Tania, I knew there was another pathway to follow. 

Despite my history of good health, for the first time in my life I had heart issues, high blood pressure, and chronic joint pain. The pain in my knee was so bad I couldn’t run anymore. Running was my favorite exercise. I was gaining weight and scared. According to my doctor, none of these chronic issue would get better without serious prescription medicine. I asked her to give me a few months to fix it. Though skeptical, she agreed. I got the Ageless Diet book, and I did the Reset. Within three months of following the Ageless Diet and taking Ageless Diet’s potent, high quality supplements, I lost 10 pounds, my blood pressure was normal, and my doctor says my heart looks good. And, my knee doesn’t hurt anymore thanks to those Omegas! I’m running again. My doctor was impressed!

– Bets V., South Carolina

Bets transformed her health through the Ageless Diet and support from key supplements

Bets on the Battery in Charleston, SC this year (image by Rama)