Lee-Ann C Testimonial

“I love my Ageless Diet. After 7 days, I felt better. I love Ageless Diet. My skin looks luminous. It feels great, looks softer, and the pores seem smaller, I’m no longer using expensive serums. I sleep deeper and better.

“I read the Ageless Diet and was inspired to try the 6 week reset plan of cutting out all sugar, wheat, dairy, preservatives, additives and toxins. The most rapid results were seen and felt in the first 7 days as my body was getting rid of the sugar and preservatives I was unknowingly feeding it. Friends were saying I looked ‘luminous, glowing, amazing.’
“It was not as easy as I thought, but very educational; wheat and sugar hide in the most surprising of places! After the 6 weeks I could see a visible difference in my skin, I felt lighter and less bloated. I continued for 3 months and its been 2 years of Ageless Living now. My meals became cleaner and simplified, but tastier and more satisfying as I tried the recipes in the book, I was eating more but weighed less!
A few months ago, I was fortunate to meet the author at one of her book tours in South Africa and felt relieved to see that this is someone who walks her talk, Tania will never age at this rate! See The Ageless ‘Diet’ as a lifestyle rather than diet and buying the book and supplements an investment worth making.”
– Lee-Ann C., Movie Producer, Cape Town, South Africa
My skin glows, my body feels strong, and I feel better at 50 than I did at 20 thanks to the ageless diet

Lee-Ann (left) and Ageless Diet creator, Tania Van Pelt