Mind/Body Connection

The mind body connection of complaining. It doesn’t make you happier; it makes you focus on what’s wrong. 

Part of living ageless is recognizing the key mind/body connection. And observing that how we talk to ourselves, about ourselves and about the world shapes our brain, just as what we eat forms our thoughts. Complaining doesn’t make you happier; it just makes you notice what’s wrong. So, let’s all try a different way of thinking, what we like to call the what-else-is-possible way. 

No matter how good it feels in the moment, complaining about your problems may leave you feeling worse in the long run. As plenty of research shows that venting has its downsides — and one more study, recently published in the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology and highlighted by Alex Fradera at BPS Research Digest, has just joined the list. Dwelling, complaining, ruminating and obsessing over problems and complaints rather than looking for productive solutions, helps the negative feelings linger. This in turn makes us feel worse in the long run, depressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. The bad stuff feels bigger. Time for us to learn to be good sports. 

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