Tania’s Story

Why did I create the Ageless Diet? Because I needed to heal myself if I wanted to survive, never mind thrive. Basically, I wanted to feel better than I felt. I wanted to look better than the woman I saw in the mirror with tired eyes and dull skin. I was tired of being an insomniac. I wanted to feel energized throughout the day and excited about life. I needed to fix my gut. 

And, I wanted to stop the aging process. 

Because I was done with catching every cold, flu, or sinus infection that came along. I was over feeling lethargic and uninspired. I was ready to fall in love with movement and be the fittest me I could be. I wanted to feel GOOD inside and out most, if not all, of the time.

And, I didn’t. Throughout an average month I’d feel great maybe one or two days. My clothes would fit beautifully and my skin would glow. But the rest of the time? How could I stop the bloating and weight fluctuation that always seemed to happen as the month progressed? Life was a slog and my body wouldn’t cooperate. Why was this happening to me? Well, I came to realize it was all lifestyle related. And with a few tweaks in my current diet and lifestyle, I could feel better. Dramatically better rather quickly. Because I didn’t eat the right foods. I didn’t sleep enough. I stressed and worried about little things all the time, and I would get depressed. This wasn’t the life I felt I was meant to live. I wanted more. I wanted to fix what was wrong.

I wanted to create some sort of real-life fountain of youth, using tools available to me today. And it needed to be SIMPLE. I couldn’t diet. I wouldn’t diet. I love food; I look forward to each meal. I wanted to eat well and often.  And I couldn’t live a lifestyle that was complicated and boring, with too many rules. Keeping it simple, that’s what works for me. 

Going ageless was a necessity. I healed myself because I had to.

I’m stronger, healthier, and more vital at 40 than I ever was in my 20s. Thanks to my seriously subpar lifestyle and diet my teens and 20s were far from the glory years. These poor diet and lifestyle choices meant that I frittered away years. I wasted opportunities, personally and professionally, because I lacked the energy and clarity of focus to grasp them.

It took me over a decade to realize that I wouldn’t magically have a transformative year if I weren’t willing to transform my lifestyle. My 20s and even my early 30s were full of lost opportunities. By my late 20s I did start to eat a little better. I went vegetarian, but still ate dairy and sugar. I was 80% there, but it was the 20% torpedoing my efforts. An omnivore’s diet rich in good fat, plants, and better raised meat would have been a much smarter move. But I believed in the “diet of moderation” religion. I’ve learned the hard way that a diet of moderation is one that keeps you feeling blah. “All things in moderation” does NOT mean “all foods are created equal.” And a balanced diet? I don’t buy it. That just means balancing the healthy with the unhealthy. A balanced diet, one of moderation, gets you sick, tired, and old before your time. That’s why food companies peddling processed foods love to promote balanced diets of moderation. Because it doesn’t mean anything. It could mean a bowl of ice cream everyday as long as you eat a little spinach. Forget that. Why not eat a diet full of food that taste really good? Why not lead an immoderate, exuberant life that’s wild, fun, and rewarding? 

Going ageless was a necessity. I healed myself because I had to.

7 year old Tania

Blame it on misinformation or the daily grind of life, but I forgot everything I learned from childhood about how to be a healthy, happy human: how to eat for maximum wellness, to play, to sleep, to live with joy. Finally, I remembered what I had forgotten. I remembered the vibrancy I feel from moving my body, the clarity that comes from a full night’s rest, and how eating delicious, nourishing food can power me through any day, easy or tough. I started to set myself up for happiness with better food, good friends, fun workouts, and restorative yoga.

The biggest lesson I learned in creating the Ageless Diet? How necessary supplements are. How even with a clean diet full of anti-inflammatory foods, we still need the support we get from the right kinds of supplements. I was always the person to tell you that you don’t need vitamin and mineral supplements, you need kale smoothies. But I was wrong: we all need supplements. We don’t live in a perfect world. Our planet is not pristine, the soil is corrupted, our water is polluted, our air isn’t clean, and our food has more toxins than we were designed to handle. So, we need supplements to help us deal with this and to give us the support we need to feel strong, invigorated, and ageless. I didn’t believe supplements worked, until I tried them. I did a full program designed by two doctors I trusted. And, the results amazed me. I felt better than ever. So, they became part of the Ageless Program. 

The Ageless Diet is not science fiction, and I’m not crazy. The damage done on young and old bodies by a conventional diet, junk foods, pharmaceuticals, too little exercise and sleep, and too much stress is there for all to see. I’ve felt the damage in my own body! And I’ve felt the magic of a clean diet, a good night’s sleep, great supplements, and daily exercise.

Let my decades of mistakes help you improve your life, starting today. 

You can begin by putting your health first. Don’t punish yourself with a poor lifestyle. I’ve been there, done that, and it’s definitely not the way to live life. 

With each year since creating this ageless lifestyle, I am better. I am stronger emotionally, intellectually, and physically. I feel more alive and I look like the best version of me.  I am happier, healthier, stronger and better looking now than I ever was on the cusp of 20.

I want you to be too. And, you can be. Join me on this road to wellness. Let’s create our own fountain of youth. Let’s do it today. If you want to live ageless, start with the 6 Week Reset. Drop all inflammatory foods, add lots of really delicious, life-affirming food, move your body more, and start sleeping a full night again. Contact me here, and get with the Program.