Ditching Dairy

Ditching Dairy. Cooling down inflammation. 

I ditched dairy (again!) first thing this new year. I’ve written and talked a lot about why dairy is bad for us. Dropping dairy is an Ageless Rule. It’s in my book, the master plan for maximum agelessness. SO…  Why, knowing what I know, did I start eating cheese again? Because I got hungry, tired, and lazy. Because it was the holiday season. Because it tastes good. And it didn’t feel bad while I was eating it. Ok, so I fell off the wagon. But, why did I keep eating it? I was hooked. Once I started, I didn’t stop. I was the dairy queen October through December. I used non-stop travel and the holidays as an excuse to hit the cheese plate. 

I know why I needed to quit AGAIN. It’s inflammatory and addictive.

That became quite clear within a few weeks of cheese mongering. Sugar and dairy are two of the most addictive things you can consume. I dropped sugar from my diet and except for a bad Christmas cookie episode a few years ago, haven’t looked back. My palate has been transformed. The sweet stuff isn’t so sweet to me. And, its saccharine taste doesn’t appeal. But cheese, o’ glorious cheese, was a different matter. 

My cheese binge was mean to me. The effects of dairy were cumulative so that at first I was able to dismiss the slight bloating and congestion. Thanks to my ageless supplements and mostly healthy diet, I was able to ignore the symptoms for longer than I should have. But then I couldn’t. My body (and mind), especially my gut, wouldn’t let me.  

A head cold that lasted 6 weeks, pants that wouldn’t fit comfortably, and a minor constellation of zits on my face (first time in 2 decades!). I already knew why this was happening to me, but I needed an end date, so I gorged all Christmas, and then, January 1st, I quit again. And, I happy to say, it’s been easy. Almost immediately I felt almost 100% better. 

If you haven’t yet, here’s why ditching dairy is wise:

1. Inflammation. Chronic inflammation. It helps make us sick and old. 

If you eat healthy but still experience acne, GI trouble, acid reflux, joint pain, sinusitis, migraines and headaches, constipation, or eczema, the reason why could be dairy. Do the Ageless Reset (6 weeks to transforming your life), drop dairy, and feel the difference. 

2. Your skin. My skin is back to that ageless glow since I (re)dropped dairy. This makes sense, because cow’s milk contains growth hormone, fats, and sugars which can inflame and irritate the skin. Some studies show that it can take up to 6 months for the skin to heal, however I noticed a difference rather quickly. 

3. Congestion. Dairy increases mucus production and that leads to sinus congestion. I can testify to this, normally if I catch a cold it goes away within 18 hours. This time, my head cold from November stayed with me through the new year. 

4. Dairy is an allergen for most of us. Allergen consumption is linked to all sorts of health issues, including fatigue and depression. If dairy is an allergen for you, it can make you tired, bummed out, and listless. Now that I think on it, I was feeling listless and tired during my cheese spree. . 

5. Dairy consumption is bad for the planet. The meat and dairy industry is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than ALL the transportation sectors combined. 

What’s been great about ditching dairy is that I’ve rediscovered how delicious a 100% Ageless Diet can be, and how easy it is to feel good.  I love what I’m eating now: the grain bowl with a creamy tahini turmeric dressing, the winter beet smoothie, the cilantro chicken soup, buckwheat noodles with greens… so many delicious meals. (Email me if you want help going ageless.) 

Once I committed, ditching dairy really easy. It’s so much more fun eating a meal when you know the food won’t make you feel sick. And, the supplements I’m taking really helped stave off any cravings or bad reactions. The Ageless Basics -one pack with all the good stuff – and the probiotics, the curcumin (from turmeric), the B-complex all gave me targeted support and kept me feeling strong and empowered.  

xo Tania