The Ageless RESET

HOW TO GO AGELESS? Easy. Follow the 4 Ageless Rules. 

The Ageless Rules:

  1. Focus on nourishment. Drop added sugar, conventional wheat, and dairy. Eat whole, organic, real food, and take supplements to for targeted support. 
  2. Meditate. 12 minutes a day. 
  3. Exercise. 30 minutes a day, walk, run, dance, practice yoga, lift weights, bike, swim, move the body. 
  4. Sleep. 7-9 hours a night. Use the Ageless Sleep Support Supplements (melatonin, L-Theanine in the Relaxation Support, and GABA and passion flower in the Sleep Support)

How to get started? The RESET

golden beet smoothie

The Ageless Cleanse and Reset are an easy way to reboot the system and lose initial inflammation quickly. This is what the Ageless Diet does: cool down inflammation. Because chronic inflammation will make you sick, tired, and prematurely old. The Reset is an easy way to drop inflammatory foods and addictive substances from your life. And you discover what is an allergen and what inflames you. Is it dairy? Wheat? Processed foods? Added sugars? 

For those first 7 days of the Reset you’ll do a gentle cleanse. You’ll enjoy two fortifying smoothies – both tasty – a healthy lunch, and then a hearty dinner with lean protein, great salads, delicious sauces and dressings, and plenty of water. You give up alcohol, sugar, dairy, and wheat for the first week. That’s the cleanse! 

After the 7-Day Cleanse, continue with the 6-Week Reset. Aim for a diet that is 80% plant-based, and buy better (grass-fed, pasture-raised, wild-caught) meat. Eat whole foods, lots of fresh fruits, intact grains, legumes, plant-based fats, and vegetables. After those initial 7 days, enjoy a glass of wine or two in the evening, but for the rest of those 6 weeks, no dairy, no sugar, and no conventional wheat. No coffee after noon. And, for the first 3 weeks, if you’re drinking, stick with wine and skip the beer. (After the fourth week, if you’re not gluten intolerant, you can add back organic beer.) Keep up with a simple exercise routine you can follow, one that fits in with your life. The idea is to nourish yourself, with the good food, better sleep, movement, and mindfulness, so that you may flourish. 

Ready to reset? Well, you can do it on your own. Or, if you want a helping hand, sign up here.

Eat better, go ageless. This isn’t hard, it simply requires a little time and effort. (But you’re worth the effort!) There is a more detailed meal plan for the first 8 days of the Reset in the book, but you can always keep it simple and tasty by doing endless variations of these 4 Dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner:

Start with a smoothie (recipes for all smoothies on this site) and then make yourself a delicious version of one of these dishes.

And, if you want the Ageless Diet personalized for you to your specific needs, click here to get started.  You’ll have the support and community you need to transform your life.