Katrien D Testimonial

“Ageless Diet is why I’m fitter, healthier, and stronger, with better energy at 45 than at 25. My friends say middle-aged never looked so good.

Being healthy and in shape has been a priority for the past 15 years of my life. I have never been overweight but I always had my problem areas. And though I was exercising 5 times a week and eating what I thought was a good diet, I was never completely happy with what I looked like and how I felt. I had a real lack of energy and some belly jelly that would never go away. After the birth of my son at 39 I felt even worse. I have never been one to jump on any diet bandwagon, mostly because when I have I tried a trendy new fad diet, I only ended up feeling deprived and never saw real results.

But then I met Tania. I was 42 when discovered her Ageless Diet. I made the decision to cut sugar, dairy, and processed foods from my diet, and I added foods I’ve never tried. The best results I have ever seen or felt! But most importantly the EASIEST way to achieve my goals of feeling better, with no more energy dips in the middle of the day, looking younger and more toned! I never feel deprived, I never feel hungry, and I eat constantly–fruits, nuts, trying all the Ageless Diet recipes. The food tastes amazing, abundant in flavor, and I constantly feel satisfied. I have energy, my training is going superb. And I have lost an inch around my waste and weigh what I weighed 15 years ago–even with the added muscle weight. Plus, my husband, a real meat and potatoes man, loves the recipes too!”

– Katrien D, stay-at-home mom

Katrien is more fit, healthier, and stronger, with better energy at 45 than at 25